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A Bird? A Plane? A Holiday Miracle? Nope, It's Just Flying Trash

Social media sites lit up last night with reports of a "mysterious, streaking light" in the Bay Area sky. Speculation whizzed about just as fast, with UFO-minded people videotaping, photographing, and tweeting images of a pitch-black horizon pierced by a blurry spot of light. This morning, the flying object has been identified, and the explanation is pretty pedestrian: It's a piece of garbage.
In an Associated Press report carried by the Marin Independent Journal, military officials say the streak of light was actually debris from a Russian Rocket re-entering the atmosphere. The spacecraft (an SL-4) was launched on Monday, and this was its booster returning to Earth in a spectacular fashion. It was visible all over the West Coast.

Last night, civilian guesses ranged from a shooting star, to a meteor, to satellite debris, to something more Sci-Fi.

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