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Curbed Cup Second Round Results! Here are the Final Four

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Voting for the Curbed Cup has narrowed the field to our Final Four. Next week, Excelsior, NoPa, Tenderloin, and Bayview will face-off to determine the winner of the 2015 Curbed Cup. Based on preliminary results, it's looking like the Excelsior is (once again) the neighborhood to beat—but after winning a tough battle with Inner Richmond, Bayview has shown it's a worthy opponent.
This week, Excelsior (16) took on the Castro (8). Both neighborhoods had the most votes in the initial round, with the Excelsior generating the most votes of any district. But when they went up against each other, the Castro was short by nearly 100 votes. Besides that win, the Excelsior was still on top in terms of total number of votes cast—they had more than any other neighborhood. As loyal Curbed Cup fans will remember, the Excelsior was the winner in last year's contest.

The next match, between Noe Valley (5) and NoPa (4), proved to be more of close race. In the end, up-and-coming NoPa bested family-friendly Noe Vally by just 13 points.

Yesterday's match ups proved to be nail biters. In the race between the Tenderloin (11) and the Marina (14), the TL came out on top by just 10 points. But the race between Inner Richmond (10) and Bayview (13) was a really close one, with Bayview coming in for the win by a single point!

Voting will be on hold for the rest of the week, but join us here next week to see who advances in the race for the Curbed Cup!

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