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The Old Mint, Now in Disrepair, Gets New Look as Events Space

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San Francisco's Old Mint has been sinking into a state of neglect and disrepair for years, but now it may finally get a new lease on life. A company called Activate San Francisco Events, Inc. will begin holding events there starting next year, and the city government has set aside funds for a full long-term renovation. The landmark building dates back to 1874 when the Mint moved from its original Gold Rush location. The Mint moved on way back in 1937 to the New Mint on Market near Duboce.

The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society leased the Old Mint for no fee for 11 years with plans to turn it into a museum, but the city ended the arrangement earlier this year. It needs tens of millions of dollars in seismic upgrades and other work, and some of that work is already taking place. The city now ultimately wants the site to become an event space for cultural activities and programming and has put out a Request for Proposals for a partner in the plan.

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