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Potrero Hill Flip Full of Charm Adds Nearly $1M in a Year

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In April 2014, a shingle-covered Potrero Hill cottage with just 970 square feet of space sold in a probate sale for $856,000. No interior photos were shown, but it was advertised as being in its original condition. The buyers immediately set about renovating the place from top to bottom. Its shingles were stripped in favor of a modern exterior and the square footage expanded to 1,550. The price grew, too. The cottage came back on the market asking $1.495 million in November and just sold for $1.8 million, nearly a million over last year's price.

Despite rather awkward listing photos, the house appears to be quite lovely. An open plan main room includes a flat fireplace surrounded in stone, and the windows look out on views of Twin Peaks. The master bedroom has a beamed ceiling and a connecting balcony, and there are two additional bedrooms on the lower level. The one thing that this place is sorely missing—especially given its big price—is any parking whatsoever. The lovely backyard with views almost makes up for it, but paying nearly $2 million for a house with no garage and not much within walking distance is a bit remarkable.

· 1033 Rhode Island Street [Redfin]