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Jeanne Gang-Designed Twisty Tower Goes for 400-Foot Height

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When developer Tishman Speyer unveiled starchitect Jeanne Gang's design for a South Beach tower back in the summer of 2014, two big things stood out: the tower's spiraling design and its 400-foot height, which is 100 feet above current limits for the Folsom and Spear site. Now, a proposal to raise the height limit has officially been submitted. The proposal, unsurprisingly, has plenty of detractors and will have to make its way through both Planning and the Board of Supervisors to become a reality.

Opposition led by former mayor Art Agnos officially organized against the twisty tower last summer. The other tower targeted by the group has already been approved, but the Tishman building is far from a sure thing. Its first stop is the Planning Commission on January 19, but the bigger challenge could be the Board of Supervisors where new Supervisor Aaron Peskin has already made his voice heard. If the tower is built as planned, it would include eight floors of below-market-rate housing.

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