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Luxury Faraday Cage Now Wants $3M Less Than Initial Ask

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San Francisco's luxury market may be softening, but it's not every day that you see a high-end home take price cut of nearly $3 million. The luxury co-op on the fourth floor of 2170 Jackson St. is, of course, a bit unusual. The unit's defining feature is a thick coat of semi conductive graphite paint that covers its walls in an attempt to block out electric and magnetic fields (EMF)—the radiation released by devices like cell phones and wireless routers that some believe could be linked to cancer. The unit started out asking $8.6 million and is now way down to $5.7 million.

This isn't the home's first price cut. It chopped off a million dollars back in October, five months after it first hit the market. But buyers still haven't come calling, and now the price for the 3,428-square-foot space is down to rock bottom levels, at least for a Pacific Heights luxury unit with Bay views. As we've noted before, while the decor and the radiation thing are a bit wacky, there are lovely bones and a modern kitchen. Any buyers who are seduced by the new bargain price should note that the building does require board approval to move in.

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