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Who Will be the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year? Tell Us!

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December is Curbed Cup time, our annual competition where San Francisco neighborhoods go head-to-head to determine the city's best district in 2015. In the past, the up-and-coming 'hoods have ruled the day, including Excelsior (2014), Portola (2013), and the Lower Haight (2012, 2011). As always, readers will help determine the winners. Today, we are asking you to throw nominations into the ring.
The contest is similar to a March Madness bracket, with 16 neighborhoods filling in the slots. To help us figure out who should be in the running, put your nominations in the comments of this post or shoot us an email via our tipline. A neighborhood name isn't enough—we want to hear why you love your nominee, what makes it special, and what it means to the city. In short, tell us why it should be the winner in 2015.

Check out our past winners:

2014: Excelsior
2013: Portola
2012: Lower Haight
2011: Lower Haight
2010: Potrero Hill

Let the games begin!