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Squirrels the Latest Wild Animals to Attack Bay Area Humans

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Marin County officials have issued a warning after a spate of squirrel attacks in and around Novato. The San Francisco Chronicle reports at least eight attacks—one landing the victim in the emergency room. A statement from the Humane Society reports that the animals have run up to people, crawled on them, and bitten them. A spokesperson told the Chronicle: "There have also been reported instances in which squirrels have jumped out of trees and attacked the victim."

A month ago, KPIX reported that a squirrel ran into Marin County's Pleasant Valley Elementary and bit a student and teacher before scampering back outside.

It was also roughly a month ago that several Bay Area news outlets reported two cases of raccoons biting pedestrians in San Francisco's Richmond District. At that time, ABC 7 News reported that a pair of tourists were attacked and one had to undergo rabies treatment. Earlier and a few block away, another couple and their dog were also attacked by several raccoons. Officials told the Chronicle they are investigating the squirrel incidents. They speculate all could be traced back to one aggressive squirrel. They also noted that rabies is rare in these animals. The Humane Society suggested that, if people are concerned about squirrels, they could make the area around their homes less rodent-friendly by cutting back trees that hang over roofs, block entries to their homes, and removing bird feeders.

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