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Curbed Cup First Round Results! The Excelsior Dominates

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Voting for the first round of the Curbed Cup is in, and the Excelsior (seeded in the 16th spot) has toppled SoMa, which was in the number one slot. In fact, with more votes than any other neighborhood, the Excelsior dominated first-round voting. The neighborhood was the Curbed Cup winner in 2014, so clearly there are a lot of dedicated residents in the district. The contest resumes on Monday, when the elite eight go head-to-head.
That wasn't the only big turn over: Bayview (13) took on the Mission (2) and came out on top by nearly 20 points. Other upsets included: the Marina's (14) victory over Mid-Market (3) and the Inner Richmond's (11) win over Nob Hill (7).

Voting is closed for the week, but next week the nabes will be back to compete for our 2015 Curbed Cup! On Monday: Excelsior (16) vs. Castro (8).

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