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Old Lombardi Sports Could be a 365 Market by Whole Foods

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It's been nearly a year since Lombardi Sports on Polk Street closed its brightly muraled doors for the last time. At the time, plans called for the building to be demolished and a new 62-unit condo building to rise in its place. Then there was talk of a Target going in, but neighbors quickly shouted down those plans. Now, Whole Foods has its sights set on the vacant space for a brand new 365 Market. The company is holding an initial outreach meeting with neighbors on December 23 before submitting an initial application to the Planning Department.

A pre-application meeting is required for Whole Foods because it falls under formula retail planning restrictions. The company notes the timing challenge of holding the meeting right before the holidays and has scheduled an additional meeting the first week in January. If it does move forward, the 365 store will have strong representation from the Whole Foods house brand, 365 Everyday Value, and is meant to be a more affordable version of the flagship store. The Jackson Street location is just a short walk from Whole Foods' Franklin Street store and is also not far from a Trader Joe's, a Real Foods Company, and the upcoming Market on Polk. Whole Foods has promised that it will have a "complementary product selection with fellow merchants in the neighborhood." It also promises 74 parking spaces.

So will Polk Street residents be any more excited about a version of Whole Foods than they were about a Target?

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