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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Mission vs. (13) Bayview

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The Curbed Cup, our annual award for the San Francisco neighborhood of the year, is kicking off with 16 areas vying for the prestigious (and fake) trophy. This week we'll have two matchups per day, and all the results and the full tournament bracket will be reviewed on Friday. Voting for each pairing ends 24 hours after it begins. Let the eliminations commence!

Mission photo (left) via Explore San Francisco: Bayview photo (right) via Fun Cheap SF

In our final pairing in the first round of Curbed Cup, we have the Mission up against Bayview. Who will move forward in this contest? You decide!

You could argue that the Mission District has changed more than any other SF neighborhood in recent years. In fact, we just wrote about a study that looked at the city's "vanishing middle class." Pulling from census data, the report showed that in some areas of the Mission median household income climbed from $71,083 (in 2010) to $93,750 (last year). The much-debated Mission Moratorium—a measure that would have stopped all construction of market-rate housing in the Mission for at least 18 months—was soundly defeated in this fall's election. Higher incomes have brought along high-end housing, shops, and restaurants; but one of our most popular posts about the neighborhood told the story of a woman who asked potential buyers to submit essays on what they could do to preserve the district's culture.

As one of our editors wrote a few months ago, "Prices have been rising in the Bayview, but it remains one of the few neighborhoods left in San Francisco where it is very possible to score a single-family home for under $1 million." That said, she was writing about a home that sold for $1.1M. There have been some new multi-unit housing developments in this neighborhood, but perhaps the most talked-about example is still under construction: Candlestick Park came down early in 2015, and there are currently hundreds of homes, a mall, and a hotel being constructed on the site.
Poll results

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