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An SF Children's Musical About Gentrification Heads to NPR

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This week, NPR's This American Life will take a look at San Francisco's gentrification and eviction crisis through the lens of a local after-school program that staged an original musical earlier this year about the topic. The musical was called "City Not for Sale," and it was co-created and performed by elementary schoolers who attend CASA (Children's After-School Arts), a non-profit with an arts and social justice slant at the Rooftop Alternative School in Twin Peaks.

As SFist reports, it was the parents of a Rooftop student who first wrote about the show and attracted the notice of This American Life. A promo shares some of the lyrics from the musical: "I bought a sweet condo for about five mil, and look down and see all the little people less fortunate than me." The episode, which has an overarching theme of "The Poetry of Propaganda" will air tomorrow.

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