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Some Two-BDRMs at Avalon Hayes Valley Rent for $8K/Month

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The Avalon Hayes Valley, which opened one year ago, has never been an inexpensive place to live. But when we checked in on rents at its opening, the most expensive two-bedrooms were topping out at $5,900 per month. By March, prices had already gone up, and they've now pushed much, much higher, at least for renewing tenants who want month-to-month leases. Hoodline reports that the fancy rental complex is currently handing out lease renewal forms to its tenants with prices up to $8,329 for a two-bedroom unit.

The lease renewal form was posted on Twitter by a resident who is planning to move out. The figure is for a month-to-month lease, an arrangement which will now be more expensive for renters at the Avalon than longer leases. A one-year lease renewal for a two-bedroom would offer considerable savings at $5,544 per month.

According to the building's website, studios for new tenants start at $3,175 right now, and one-bedrooms are available from $3,990. Back in March, the cheapest one-bedroom was $3,650. And as we noted back then, every unit must pay an extra $25 per month for trash collection, while pets incur a $65 pet rent per animal and parking begins at $375 a month.

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