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The Bay Lights Sculpture Is Lighting Up for Testing Tonight

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Fans of the Bay Bridge's Bay Lights installation probably already know that the huge light sculpture will be back up on the bridge in time for the Super Bowl in early 2016. But over the next few days they can also get an up-close look at artist Leo Villarreal reprogramming and testing the light sculpture before it is officially relit. Villareal will be using his custom software to get the light display back up and running from Pier 14 for the next few nights.

Bay Lights encompasses 25,000 LED white lights across 1.8 miles, making it the world's largest LED light sculpture. According to Villarreal, the custom software that he is now working with allows him to control velocity, acceleration, mass and gravity of the sculpture. Construction workers began putting the lights back on the bridge this fall, and the lights have been flashing on intermittently for testing. The sculpture is set to be relit permanently on January 30 of next year.

· Bay Lights Fans Can Watch Artist Reprogram Display Before Unveiling [CBS Local]