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The $500/Month Pac Heights Dirt Crawl Space Is Real—Sort Of

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When news that a Pacific Heights crawl space with a dirt floor was available to rent for $500 per month hit the Internet yesterday, it seemed to be a tongue-in-cheek joke. And, in fact, the potential "landlord" who put the post on Craigslist admitted to SFGate that it was "part serious, part satire." But he has received quite a few serious offers and held an open house over the weekend.

The crawl space is in the basement of a junk-filled building at 1903 Baker St. with uneven ground and supposedly enough room for a mattress and nightstand. Electricity can be run in via electric cord, and the owners of the space are kind enough to let a potential renter put a dresser in the garage. The posters told SFist that the responses have been a 50/50 split between "vitriol at us tech folk and people who actually do want to live in the crawl space." Of course, it doesn't help that in an attempt at satire the 20-something startup guys who put up the ad made it about as obnoxious as possible. "We like to go out on the weekends in North Beach, SOMA, Marina (Tipsy Pig!), and venture of the city to Tahoe for some fresh pow pow."

The ad has now been removed, although there's no news about whether or not the space was actually rented. This morning, ABC 7 reported that offers were being "considered."

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