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Dolores Park Church Born Again as Heavenly Townhouses

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It's been a few years since the owner of the former Second Church of Christ, Scientist decided to convert the Neoclassical-style, dome-topped building near Dolores Park into four residential units, and now the building is almost ready for its close-up. It's been given a new name—The Light House—and there's no question that it's going to be all kinds of amazing. The four townhouses will each have more than 5,500 square feet of towering ceilings, arched windows, and lofty spaces.

The church was originally built back in 1916 on a lot chosen for its location across from Dolores Park. Like most other Christian Scientist churches, this one was designed to reference the denomination's "Mother Church" back in Boston, with a central dome. The congregation sold the church after being ordered to retrofit it, and the redevelopment began back in 2011. The building is eligible for listing in the California Register of Historic Resources. Its ornamented facade, metal detailing, and three-arched portico surrounded by Tuscan columns remain, as does that dome.

The finishes are expected to be complete by early January, and the new townhomes will officially hit the market in late January or early February. Pricing won't be chosen until then, but we can imagine that it will be heaven-high.

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