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Huge Shipping Container Takes a Stormy Swim to Baker Beach

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This weekend's stormy conditions brought the usual flooded street corners and overflowing storm drains, but they also had a more unusual effect: A truck-sized shipping container washed up near Baker Beach Amidst 19-foot waves near Golden Gate Bridge on Friday night, a massive cargo ship lost 12 of its shipping containers. One has landed between China and Baker Beaches, as documented on Twitter by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on Sunday morning.

The other 11 containers are still nowhere to be found, and officials have issued a warning to vessels in the waters around San Francisco to be on the lookout for the debris. Packing material from the found container was strewn across Baker Beach and is being cleaned up today. Most of the containers were empty except for the packing materials, and none had any materials hazardous to marine life.

· Truck-size Shipping Container Washes Up on S.F. Beach [SFGate]

Baker Beach

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