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Hybrid Maker and Tech Space Could be Headed for SoMa

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These days when an unused lot gets big new plans, they are usually for offices or condos. Developer SKS Partners has something different in mind for the acre lot at the edge of SoMa and Potrero Hill that currently holds a mix of warehouses, sheds, and gravel bunkers. The current lot's owner, San Francisco Gravel Company, has been around since 1925 but is now exploring the possibility of turning the lot into a "maker" and tech office space complex with room for manufacturing.

The gravel company is currently exploring whether it could take advantage of legislation meant to encourage manufacturing space (also known as Product Distribution and Repair or PDR space). A law passed last year allows office usage on underused land that also includes room for PDR. The office rents can help to subsidize lower PDR rents. Not far from the gravel company, a similar hybrid development is taking shape at 100 Hooper Street.

· Developer Plots Next Hub for Makers, Techies on Gravel Lot in SoMa [SF Business Times]