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SF's Oldest Home Up for Rent for $12K/Month As Office Space

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The historic Abner Phelps house on Oak Street is believed to be the oldest unaltered residential home in San Francisco and is now up for rent for $12,000 per month. There are numerous accounts about the house's origin, with one story stating that the home was built in 1850 from lumber shipped from Maine because there were no sawmills in the area at the time. Another version of the story, however, says that the home was originally built in New Orleans and was sent in sections to help with the homesickness of Abner Phelps' wife. Phelps was a colonel in the Mexican War and placed the house on his 160-acre homestead at the foot of Buena Vista Hill.

Although the outside of the home still looks residential, it has been used as office space for years. According to Hoodline, the house has been used as the offices for All Star, a business and IT consulting firm, for more than a decade, but the owner is now retiring. For now, the house will only be leased as office space, although it may go up for sale at some point in the future. The interiors are rather drab, with gray carpeting and file cabinets everywhere. We could imagine the place one day being turned into a rather spectacular home, but for now it awaits the move-in of a new business tenant.

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