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Palo Alto Garage With No Kitchen Wants $2,865/Month

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In the latest WTF moment of Bay Area real estate, a tipster let us know about what is essentially someone's slightly refinished, 300-square-foot garage now offered up on Craigslist for $2,865 per month. The place is being described as a cottage, but it's at the end of what is clearly a driveway and was obviously originally built as a garage. There are no interior photos in the Craigslist post, but we dug up the main home's recent sales listing and saw that the cottage includes floor to ceiling glass doors (awkward, since the renter will be sharing a yard with the family that owns the main home), a heater, a newly-built bathroom with a shower, and not much else.

The owners have also put a microwave, a refrigerator, and a coffeemaker in the former garage. The new owners apparently bought the place less than two weeks ago, and perhaps with plans to rent out the cottage to help ease the pain of the $3.7 million purchase price. The listing also clearly states that "this situation is for one person." That means that if the future occupant spent one-third of his or her income to rent on this place, that person would have to make at least $103,140 per year. Yes, in the Bay Area when you make six figures a year you can—just barely—afford to live in a refurbished garage.

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