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Introducing Curbed's 2015 Class of Young Guns

Welcome to awards season 2015, when we at Curbed will be profiling the best people in the design biz, nominated by you and juried by the staff editors. We're kicking off with an intro to our Young Guns winners, who will be profiled all week long here on Curbed; coming up shortly, some details on our first-ever class of Groundbreakers.

So what constitutes a "young gun" in the year 2015? It's not about actual age, per se: Instead, we wanted to find the as-yet-under-the-radar professionals who are busy challenging the status quo in the design industry. While winnowing down over 200 nominations, a diverse group assembled itself: wide-ranging in location, background, and chosen field.

Over the next week, we'll be dropping several winner profiles a day, for a total of nine Young Guns and eight Groundbreakers. Stay tuned for lots, lots more, including some behind-the-scenes action with our 2015 class and lots of social media extras via Curbed's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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