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SoMa Loft Masquerading as Trendy Tech Office Asks $1.275M

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The Norfolk Street loft that just came on the market is advertising itself as a live/work space, but it feels a bit more like a fancy start-up office with a kitchen and a bedroom tossed in. There are all the hallmarks of an office geared toward the creative class, from the warehouse-style windows to the exposed ducts and vertical wood paneling. A part of the main living space is partitioned off as what looks like a very cool conference room. Even the bedroom upstairs is enclosed behind sliding doors that look like they would be much more at home in an office space than an actual home.

Office vibe or not, the place is pretty incredible. The ceilings are unimaginably high, and the industrial feel would make this a fantastic place to live, work, or both. Touches like a spiral staircase, floor-to-ceiling wooden shelving, and a rope pulley with big a big hook mean that there's something interesting to look at from every angle. The loft space is being used as another open bedroom and is surrounded by what looks like a laser-cut wooden railing. There's also a tiny third bedroom space downstairs, which may not technically be a bedroom given its lack of window.

There's a vague nautical theme running through the space, complete with a brass porthole-style mirror bolted to the wall. On second thought, maybe this place isn't a tech office at all. Perhaps it's a third-wave coffee shop so beautiful that you just want to sit there all day, even if there's no wi-fi.

· 65 Norfolk Street #2 [Official Site]