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Do We Want to See Cute, Property-Pushing Kittens? Yes, Please

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Here at Curbed SF, we fancy ourselves serious journalists dedicated to writing about higher-minded topics such as housing, architecture, and design. So, when we received yet another video from the real estate team that brought us the epic Corgi Realtor, we were skeptical. Does the world really need another real estate marketing video starring animals? When we got a load of kittens Petunia, Puddin', and Lil' Fella, we realized the answer is a resounding yes. In a move of what could be sales genius, the San Francisco Good Life Team (agents Katharine Holland and Travis Bernard) commissioned these three fur balls to sell their listing at 16 Miraloma Dr., and the results are pretty irresistible.

The premise of the video is simple: Three kitten "invaders" break into a St. Francis Wood home and proceed to conquer it with cute curiosity. The trio—Petunia (calico), Puddin' (black and white), and Lil' Fella (Siamese)—traipse through the six-bedroom, four-bathroom home doing what kittens do: jumping, exploring, and getting into everything. As the soundtrack swells, graphics highlight their hijinks and the features of the $2.295-million-dollar house.

In their last video, the real estate agents used corgis who are social media stars (yes, they have more Instagram followers than you). These kittens are from Toni's Kitty Rescue, a nonprofit group that fosters as many as 800 kittens each year and works with San Francisco Animal Care & Control to find them homes.

Katharine Holland (who personally owns a cat named Miss Audrey) says that it was a good chance to highlight the organization. Given that the home at 44 Sanchez St. marketed by the canines was listed at $995,000, garnered three above-asking offers, and closed at $1.3 million, it could also be a chance to make some money. "Everyone was talking about the corgi video during our showings," Holland says. "We showed it on a laptop during some of the open houses, and it did lend an air of excitement to the listing. The sellers were so impressed with the quality of the video, it really cemented in their mind that we had done EVERYTHING we could to market the property and to get them the highest price. They signed the winning offer immediately."

The kittens were reportedly low-maintenance stars. Despite the conventional wisdom about the difficulty of herding cats, Holland says the volunteer from Toni's Kitty Rescue didn't have much trouble. "Even though they were inquisitive, they didn't scamper around out of control. They went slow and stuck together," says Holland.

Given that they've utilized dogs and cats to sell houses, what will be next for the creative real estate team? "We do plan to do more videos," says Holland. "We tell our team to throw out any ideas they have ever had about doing a real estate video and start from there." In the meantime, we will work on steeling our hearts.

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