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Spiked Baseball Bats Puzzle SF Residents and Police

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Christmas decorations weren't the only things going up around the city this holiday weekend. Police told Hoodline that as many as 27 spiked baseball bats have mysteriously appeared around the city, each one chained to a parking meter or a sign pole. The strange happening has people wondering: Is it art or...something else? No one seems to know exactly what (if anything) to make of it.

Photos of one of the bats submitted to Hoodline show a wooden bat with large spikes drilled into it, making it resemble a medieval club called a morning star. It's fixed to metal post with bolts and a rusty chain. Another photo tweeted by Huffington Post shows a similar bat secured with what looks like a dog chain to a pole. Some reports describe metal bats chained in a similar fashion. A police officer told Hoodline reporters: "Since the bats have been altered with spikes, they would be considered a prohibited/deadly weapon which would be a felony under State law."

Although police won't give out exact locations, bats have been reported near Stonestown Mall, Fisherman's Wharf, and on Haight Street.

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