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Solar System Victorian Closes at $2.674M, Less Than Asking

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The Victorian at 956 S. Van Ness Ave. is known for its murals (including a rendering of the solar system on the garage) has sold for $2.674 million, that's a little less than the $2.995 million the owners sought when it went on the market in late October. For people following the sale, the first question that comes to mind is: Will the new owners keep the eye-popping murals?

When we first wrote about the house, many of our readers speculated that the home would be likely be headed for a dramatic (and maybe sterile) makeover. One of the owners detailed his families' efforts to preserve the murals (most of them created by local artist Michael Michael Brennan when he lived here) and told us they hoped the new owners would be the same. A source involved in the sale told us: "The buyers will be making changes, but have said they intend to keep the murals."

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