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New 46-Unit Development May be Headed to Bayview's Third St.

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San Francisco's building boom continues to head south. Out in Bayview, a 46-unit building is planned to rise at 4101 Third Street. Plans to develop the site have been around for years, but now developer Jack Tseng is moving ahead with community outreach and a new design that includes a green wall and other green features. The building as proposed would be a rather unusual 50-50 split of rentals and condos, and the square footage is set to be small.

The 13 one-bedrooms would start at just 357 square feet and go up to 511, while the two-bedrooms would begin at a tight 585 square feet and head up to 1,962. The units are small in order to "meet the desire for smaller rental and for-sale units targeted primarily to young people who would like to live in the Bayview." The building will also have three commercial units and the aim of reactivating the commercial strip along this part of Third Street.

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