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Laidley Street House With Ski Town Vibe Hopes for $1.795M

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As we mentioned a few weeks ago when the notable Owl House went up for sale, Glen Park's Laidley Street must be one of San Francisco's quirkiest and coolest thoroughfares. Every house adds its own special charm, and the home at 149 Laidley is no different. Its shingled exterior offers glimpses of ornate stained glass and its green trim gives something of a ski town vibe. That mountain feel continues inside, where a big stone fireplace dominates the living room and huge windows edged in wood look out across the city. The home is now on the market for the first time in 27 years, and it's asking $1.795 million.

The stained glass also adds character to the interior, adding a touch of color to many of the rooms. Most of the finishings are modest, but the views are not, and a big back deck allows you to drink the landscape in. Beneath the deck is a landscaped garden. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in total, but no parking. The current owners have leased a nearby garage for the full 27 years they have owned the house, and that lease—which costs $200 per month—is paid for through February 2017, giving the buyer a year or so of free parking.

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