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This $28M Manse is the Most Expensive Home in SF Right Now

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Citing a reliable tipster, Socketsite first reported that 2250 Vallejo St. was unofficially on the market with a listing price of $28 million. Malin Giddings, the co-listing agent along with Neal Ward, has confirmed that the house will hit the market at that price on Thursday. This makes the mansion the most expensive home currently on the market in San Francisco. As Socketsite pointed out in the original article, should the house sell for asking price, that would put it in sixth place on the list of the most expensive homes sold in SF. We are still gathering information about the property, but Socketsite says that it had once been divided into 11 apartments before undergoing an extensive remodel and legally becoming two units.

Giddings' office says that although the house is officially a two-unit building, it is being used as a single family home. Socketsite sources say the grand old home's new interior is very modern, and that the fresh aesthetic comes along with a garage, an elevator, and a roof deck. Photos we received from the real estate agents show that it's not just any roof deck—it comes with an infinity plunge pool and spa that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge.

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