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Baby, It's Cold (and About to Get Really, Really Wet) Outside

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The Bay Area is set to get hit with water from two fronts: the air and the ocean. Meteorologist Mike Nicco of ABC 7 News reports that the rain is moving into the North Bay right now and will hit San Francisco approximately at noon. He says this region could get between .20 inches to .50 inches of rainfall. What's more, coastal areas are bracing for an epic King Tide today through Thursday, according to experts quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle. Marry that with low temperatures, and we are talking cold turkey.

Nicco sums it up in Tweet this morning:

So apparently, we can't pin this one on El Niño. However, according to weather pros, the alignment of the sun, moon, and the Earth will be the cause of high tides, strong surf, and flooding throughout the region from Ocean Beach to Mill Valley.

These photos show how a King Tide affected Mill Valley in the past: photos via Demotix

These super tides have been dubbed King Tides for obvious reasons. Robert Gass, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service told the Chronicle strong northwesterly winds will also help bring on a higher surf than normal, and the Coast Guard has issued an alert warning people to be careful and wear a life jacket at all times if they plan on going out on the water. Nicco says that Mill Valley will likely suffer the worst effects of the King Tide, and breaks down peak high-water hours:

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