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Adorable Bernal Heights Cottage on Mirabel Asks $895K

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Normally, when we write about houses on Bernal Heights' Mirabel Avenue, it is because they have sold for way over asking. Today, we bring you 51 Mirabel, notable for its sweet good looks, unrepentant unremodeled state, and a price tag of under $1 million. We know, of course, that the final sale price will likely surpass the million-dollar mark, but for now, it's listed at $895K. The listing agent obviously plans on the home's status changing soon, as it's called a "hot property" and homebuyers are urged to go see it before it sells. So read this, quick.

The two-bedroom, one-bath home behind an old wooden fence is charming. It has a Victorian facade outside, great views inside, and a large garden out back. For architectural purists, the fact that floor plan has been altered and that the ceiling has been opened up will be a drawback (we're guessing it was remodeled in the 60s or 70s). But somehow, the eclectic approach seems to work here.

The kitchen is something of a time capsule, complete with one of those midcentury ranges with a pull-out cooktop that puts us in mind of Bewitched. However, the good condition of the cabinets and the bright blue backsplash makes it look better than it sounds.

No square footage is listed, but the agent says there's room to expand downstairs. Given the comps on this street, there's plenty of support for updates.

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