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Listing The Top Ten Most Affluent Zip Codes in the Bay Area

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It's no surprise that the Bay Area has some of the most affluent areas in the United States. But where in the region are those areas located? With the new influx of money into San Francisco itself, has the city taken any of the top spots? The San Francisco Business Times took a deep dive into the Bay Area's wealth metrics, using 12 different indicators to rank zip codes by affluence. The things they considered included factors like per capita income, households with interest, dividends or net rental income, the poverty rate, the median housing value, and adults with advanced degrees. It turns out that wealth is still primarily concentrated south of the city in traditionally well-off Silicon Valley and East Bay neighborhoods.

1) Atherton - 94027
With a population of just 7,110, Atherton is a small community where nearly everyone has a bachelor's degree and the median household income is $220,583. It's the 17th most affluent area in the United States.

2) Portola Valley - 94028
Portola Valley isn't far from Atherton and has a similar demographic of educated residents living in homes worth more than $1 million. The median household income is $161,205.

3) Diablo - 94528
The East Bay's leading zip code is especially tiny, with a population of just 1,124. Median household income is the highest on the list at $223,893 and the poverty rate is 0.

4) Orinda - 94563
Another East Bay zip, Orinda is a bit larger than the other areas that sit ahead of it on the list with a population of 18,024. Median household income sits at $164,173.

5) Danville - 94506
The East Bay's Danville is a large area with a population of 21,096 and a median household income of $171,214.

6) Alamo - 94507
Continuing the East Bay domination, Alamo has a median household income of $160,279. Like the other cities on the list, median house value tops $1 million.

7) Los Altos - 94022
The list moves back south for Los Altos, where the median household income is $165,534. More than 80 percent of adults have bachelor's degrees and nearly half have advanced degrees.

8) Los Altos - 94024
Los Altos manages to grab both the seventh and eighth spots on the list with its two separate zip codes. Median household income in this zip is actually a touch higher at $167,384 but slightly fewer households get income from interest, dividends, or rental income.

9) Saratoga - 95070
Even further south is Saratoga, where median household income is $158,655 and the population is 30,923.

10) Los Gatos - 95030
The final zip code in the top 10 is Los Gatos. The 13,791-strong population has a median household income of $151,538.

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