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Homes on SF's Famed Crooked Street Hit Market, Asks $3.995

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This pair of homes—1047 and 1049 Lombard St.—in a pink duplex is pretty special. For one thing, the building sits directly on Lombard Street, the twisting pathway that's known as a tourist magnet and a city icon. The other thing is that it has the kind of breathtaking views you'd expect in this location, and from the windows and the decks you can spot the bay, Coit Tower, and cityscapes. Sure, some of the rooms are dated and you'd have to put up with the tourists, but what you get in return is worth the cosmetic upgrades and requests to take photos of visiting families every time you exit the front door. Actually, most tourists seem armed with selfie sticks, so maybe the latter isn't an issue these days.

Here's how it breaks down on the inside: The upper unit has two bedrooms and two baths, the lower unit has three bedrooms and three baths over two levels. It also home to a gold-leafed spiral staircase, which is pretty spectacular.

As a practical matter, you might wonder where you park a car in such a location. No worries about backing out onto Lombard (such a thing is pretty impossible). There's a three-car garage in back that you access from Lurmont St.

The listing says this kind of thing is rarely available. In the case of this property, that is no exaggeration, as it's the first time the property has been on the market in 55 years.

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