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Renovated Bernal Heights Home Hits the Market, Asks $1.65M

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The house at 3660 Folsom St. on Bernal Heights last sold in August 2014 for $835,000. Now it's back on the market, and it has undergone extensive renovations. The asking price is $1.65 million, about twice the price in a little more than a year's time. Before, the house was pretty plain with no high-end features. Now, everything is brand-spanking new, and the home has likely had some square footage added. Given that the place is located a block and a half from some of the best parts of Cortland Avenue and (as the listing says) it "checks all the boxes," this one that likely won't linger on the market for long.

Pre-remodel, the house was probably more of a cottage than what it is now: A three-story, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath modern home. A steel-and-wood staircase connects all of the levels. Like many modern homes, there's a strong connection to the outdoors. The lower story is one open space that opens directly to the garden via glass doors. The upper floor (likely an attic in years gone by) has a master suite that opens onto a deck.

· 3660 Folsom St. [Official Site]