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Heads Up: The Old Bay Bridge Set to be Imploded on Nov. 7

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Bay Area news outlets are reporting that the destruction of the largest pier on the eastern section of the old Bay Bridge will be blown up with 600 small explosives on the morning of November 7th. SFist reports that Caltrans says the demolition of this part of the bridge has proved time-consuming, costly, and difficult, but that the implosion of the bridge will take just six seconds and will reduce the impact to the environment. A barrier of compressed air is supposed to contain the blast, but traffic on the new bridge will be closed for 15 minutes. Concerns about wildlife and safety have been raised.

SFist reports that environmental watchdogs, such as Baykeeper, have some reservations about the measure, and will reportedly be monitoring the situation. Before the blast, monitors will be looking out for sea creatures (such as seals or porpoises) who might wander into a dangerous zone before the blast. Baykeeper members plan to be watching to see if debris can really be contained by an air barrier. There's a number of smaller piers that also must be removed, but this big one may be something of a test case for demolition by implosion.

No word on exactly what time this will occur (perhaps to discourage crowds), but California Highway Patrol officers in charge of stopping traffic that morning.

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