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Bernal Heights Robot Makes Fancy Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Bernalwood reports on the latest advance of automation: A sandwich-making robot has been "hired" at Andi's Market on Cortland Avenue. For $2, the bot will make a customized peanut butter sandwich on white bread with add-ons of blackberry jam, honey, sweet chili, and/or chocolate sauce. The blog reports that the robot is created by an outfit called Bistrobot, a company dedicated to creating food service robots. An employee of the company told Bernalwood: "The customer can place an order through a tablet kiosk...and watch our robot make them a custom sandwich. Simple as that." Sure, a PB&J is the most simple sandwich around. But when the hand that slaps it together is metal, that's intriguing.

↑ A video shows the machine in action, from payment to pickup.

↑ Bernalwood put the machine to the test, and published a photo of a finished product that looks passable, if not a bit gloppy. Their take: "It tasted just like a sandwich mom would have made—if mom was a faceless automaton who looked like a mutant Lionel train set encased in a transparent plastic box. As a culinary experience, it was certainly worthy of any school lunchbox. As an entertainment experience, it was far more tasty than anything you'd get at the Musée Méchanique—and much closer to home too."

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