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What $2,000/Month Rents You in San Francisco

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various San Francisco neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $2,000.

↑ This one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment at 3010 San Bruno Ave. in the Portola District is described as "spacious," although the listing doesn't give a square footage figure. The top-floor unit is asking for $1,995/month. There's a strange transition between the dark-walnut floor in the living room and the maple-hued floor in the kitchen. However, the cabinetry, tile, countertops, and fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom look new. There is a dishwasher in the kitchen, and there's a laundry in the building. The apartment is on the top floor, but there's also an elevator. Parking is available for an additional (and unnamed) fee, no word on a pet policy.

↑ We wonder about some of the claims in the listing for the junior one-bedroom apartment on Nob Hill asking $2,000/month. For one thing, it describes a junior one bedroom as being "much like a regular bedroom," except there's an "opening for air and light" in the wall between the living room and the bedroom. That's good news, as the bedroom has no window. The other thing is that the listing claims that there's room for a roommate, as there are two sleeping areas. If that's true, we can't find it in this 500-square-foot space. That said, the living room has a small bay window, the floors are freshly refinished, and the kitchen is new. No pictures of the bathroom, but it's described as "newer" and has a tub. This building allows cats and dogs. There's free parking for bikes, no parking for cars. There's a laundry on site.

↑ This top-floor studio apartment asks for $1,845/month and is in the Tenderloin at 275 Turk St. This space is just remodeled, so all is new and freshly painted. The kitchen is compact, but nice. There's no dishwasher and no word on a laundry. However, pets are allowed here for a fee ($500 deposit; $75/month for a dog, $50 for a cat).

↑ Here's a studio at 146 McAllister St. in Civic Center for $1,995/month. There are hardwood floors and a large, mirrored closet that helps reflect light into the room from a single window. The kitchen is small and, although the cabinets and countertop appear newer, the layout is awkward, with a range that has a counter on just one side and a free-standing refrigerator. The bathroom has a claw-foot tub. No pets allowed here, no mention of parking or a laundry.

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