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After Less Than a Month, This House Gets a $505K Price Chop

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Just 25 days ago, the home at 29 Dorland St. went on the market for $5.5 million. Today, its asking price was dropped by a healthy $505,000, bringing it down to $4.995 million. That means that it is no longer the most expensive property in the Mission. That "honor" goes to 2700 Bryant St., a unique property that is hanging in with a $5 million price tag. We've written about this house before. We first covered it when it sold as a fixer with remodel plans for $2.4 million, then we revisited it when it hit the market after a massive remodel. Today, the former fixer is a four-story dwelling with an elevator and a six-car garage.

When we wrote about the property, we liked the new look that comes with designer wallpapers, a living wall at the entry, and a wall of glass that opens to a backyard that's home to a pizza oven. Some of the readers didn't agree with us. Comments ranged from: "Does not seem like the most logical layout" to "I guess bland and generic are in." Maybe the price cut will cause buyers to warm to it.

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