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A Detailed Breakdown of the Proposition F Vote By Precinct

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When San Francisco rejected Proposition F last week, the so-called "Airbnb prop" that would have limited short-term residential rentals, we knew generally that most neighborhoods voted against the proposition, with exceptions around the Mission, the Tenderloin, and the Western Addition. But the most detailed breakdown we've seen yet comes from the Los Angeles Times, which produced an interactive heat map by precinct that not only shows neighborhood-by-neighborhood results but also reveals how big the difference was in each spot. Bigger circles mean that the vote was strongly in one direction or the other, while smaller circles mean that it was close.

The measure got big no votes all over town, with areas like the Sunset, the Marina, and Presidio Heights standing out with big no circles. The Mission, the Haight, the Tenderloin, the Financial District, North Beach, and parts of Nob Hill and Russian Hill were all yes votes. There were also a couple of random small yes pockets that popped up in otherwise no neighborhoods. For example, right in the middle of the "no" zone, Precinct 9712 (Forest Hill) swung yes by exactly four votes. There's been a particularly disruptive Airbnb in that area over the past few months that may have pushed voters over the edge.

· San Francisco Rejects Limits on Short-Term Rentals [Los Angeles Times]

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