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Is the Long-Embattled 3800 Washington Under Contract?

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We've been following the saga of 3800 Washington, the crumbling copy of France's Petit Trianon, since it first came on the market back in 2012. The property has undergone a huge series of price chops from $25 million down to its current $17.995 million asking price, has been declared abandoned several times, and just a few weeks ago was occupied by a squatter who made the place his "thug mansion" and sold off much of its artwork. The property was just declared abandoned again in late October around the time of the whole thug mansion fiasco, so its future didn't seem too bright. But this week, the home's status on the MLS has officially changed to pending/under contract.

So does that mean that 3800 Washington is about to sell? Well, a pending status means that a contract has been set between seller (troubled tech entrepreneur Halsey Minor) and buyer. It also generally means that the property is no longer being shown but has not yet moved to sold status. There's still plenty of room for a deal to fall apart. But there's also a chance that this could be the start of 3800 Washington's transformation from abandoned property with water damage and holes in the ceiling to restored masterpiece.

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3800 Washington

3800 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA