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San Francisco's IwamotoScott Uses Digital Tools to Create Intricate Spaces

With projects like the Bloomberg Tech Hub, the Miami City View Garage, and a private hexagonal home in Napa County seeing completion in the last 12 months, it has been a big year for IwamotoScott Architecture, the team of Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott. The two are partners in work and life (they met early in their careers, married, and then opened their own architecture firm), and judging from their number of just-finished and in-the-pipeline projects (including a mind-blowing one that is so undercover we aren't allowed to write about it yet), it appears that clients are picking up on their way of seeing the world.

That point of view consists of seeing what is there, and not there—in other words, the positive and negative values of a building—and playing with materiality. If you look at a roster of their work, many of the projects appear to be woven or knit together with an almost honeycomb effect. Iwamoto says they have technology to thank. "We came of age at the same time as digital fabrication and advances in building technology," says Iwamoto. "A lot of the materials in our work are viewed through a digital lens." But these days, the pair says they are as obsessed with the volume of materials. Scott says the nature of their interest in the subject could be summed up with the desire to "make things thin."

They have a talent for manipulating materials. >>