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Creative Director Imagines San Francisco as a Dog's Life

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Libby Cooper is one of those humans who, in her words, "likes dogs better than people." In fact, she admits to talking to dogs she meets on the street while ignoring the owners on the other end of the leash. Perhaps that makes the San Francisco resident the perfect person to create San Frandingo, a short video that depicts 11 different SF neighborhoods as dressed-up dogs. To do it, she relied on her personal impressions of the neighborhoods and her deep knowledge of dogs and their characteristics (she's proud to be able to list all 184 AKC breeds). The results range from stereotypical to unexpected to super cute. "I just hope no one is offended," she says.

In the video, a Balmain-wearing Afghan hound represents Pacific Heights, a Shiba Inu wearing Burning Man goggles and an asymmetrical vegan leather jacket is equated with Potrero Hill, and a French Bulldog takes on a leather-daddy persona with a motorcycle cap, studded collar, and a harness to identify the Castro.

Cooper had been mulling the idea over for a couple of years, but a creative-project stipend from Videopixie (she works as a creative director there) allowed her to make the notion a reality. "My budget allowed me create 11," she says. "But I hope to eventually cover all of the San Francisco neighborhoods."

· San Frandingo: Which dog is your neighborhood? [Videopixie]