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Flax Art & Design Opens Up Its New Fort Mason Home

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Flax Art & Design still has a few months to go before its original home on Market Street shuts down to become new housing, but the company's new Fort Mason location officially opened its doors last weekend. It's been more than a year since the first rumors emerged that a new development was headed for 1699 Market Street, where Flax has long stood. Presidio Development Partners, the owner behind the site, worked closely with owner Howard Flax to find new locations for the store. The original Flax is set to shut down early next year, when yet another new location will open.

According to Flax's website, the Market Street store will "relocate to an awesome new space that will be announced soon." Until then, Flax lovers can check out the Fort Mason location, which features a new program renting out watercolor supplies to anyone who wants to try their hand at capturing the nearby bay landscape. Meanwhile back on Market Street, a 162-unit building designed by architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz will rise on the site of Flax's original store.

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Fort Mason

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