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Take a First Look Inside Super-Luxury Development The Pacific

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 Renderings by Steelblue/Allis, Trumark Urban
Renderings by Steelblue/Allis, Trumark Urban

New developments in Pacific Heights are rare, and when they do pop up, they are usually—like LuXe and Rockwell—on the neighborhood's outer edges. A location right in the heart of the neighborhood at 2121 Webster Street is just one of the reasons that The Pacific is probably the most anticipated new development of 2016. The converted University of the Pacific School of Dentistry sits right around the corner from Fillmore Street and will include 76 new residences, 10 of which will be single-family townhomes with 12-to-14-foot ceilings. The Pacific is set to officially launch early next year, but today we got a sneak preview of new renderings of of the building.

We've known for some time that the building itself will be spectacular, with amenities like a boutique fitness center, a private yoga garden, and valet parking. It's not surprising that the finishes will be just as high-end and that the townhomes rendered here look more like the single family homes Pacific Heights is known for than new condos. There's even the requisite fancy soaking tub rendered in what looks like a bathroom bigger than many San Francisco apartments.

Rumors have been flying around that The Pacific could price up to $3,000 per square foot. Pricing won't be released for some time, but when the numbers do come out they're sure to be just as eye-popping as these renderings.

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