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Portola's University Mound Nursery is in Contract

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Portola's University Mound Nursery is in contract with a buyer and shows up as "active contingent" in the MLS . The sale price is not yet part of public record, but it was listed at $10 million, down from the original price of $12 million. The news comes after months of community efforts to turn the 2.2 acre site into an agricultural center.

At this time, we don't know who is purchasing the property, but a recent San Francisco Chronicle article reported that a developer interested in putting 120 units of senior housing on the site has been exploring options with the city's planning department.

Portola community organizers had hoped to turn the group of crumbling greenhouses into a functioning agricultural center. At one time, they wanted the city to purchase the property to aid that effort and fold it into a San Francisco Public Utilities Commission project to bring the long-buried Upper Yosemite Creek to light (the waterway runs under the nearby McLaren Park and this property). The plans failed to gain traction, and a spokesperson for the SFPUC told the Chronicle: "We had hoped it would work. It was intriguing, and there would have been a lot of synergies between the greenhouse and our green infrastructure project. But the numbers didn't pencil out."

The property takes up a full city block and has been owned by the Garibaldi family for nearly a century. It was once a rose nursery, one of many in the neighborhood. Today, it's abandoned and boarded up. From the outside, the only signs of life are the feral cats that slip in and out of property underneath the barricades surrounding it.

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