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Reel Places: Empire, Lucious Lyon, and Music Mogul Mansions

The real life and on-screen appearance of a mansion in Barrington, Illinois, that served as the home of Lucious Lyon in the FOX show Empire.

The life of a music mogul isn't easy, based on the portrait painted by Empire Entertainment don Lucious Lyon. When dealing with so many power struggles and record deals, the payoff, in part, comes in the form of incredible real estate. Lucious began the series inhabiting an elaborate home, which, as Curbed Chicago has previously pointed out, is actually the former real-life suburban residence of a local strip-club owner (and was on the market for $13 million earlier this year). While the French country-style estate—which took five years to build due to its elaborate ornamentation and woodwork—seems a fitting home for a self-made record exec, even boasting eight acres of gardens and a pair of lakes on site, it's also is one in a long line of magnificent homes owner by other industry masterminds. Empire creator Lee Daniels has said the main character was based on an amalgamation of similar stars including Barry Gordy, Quincy Jones, and Jay Z; It seems like the mansion Lucious inhabits also took cues from their elaborate homes.

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