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Mapping the Increase of Million-Dollar Homes in San Francisco

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Not surprisingly, the San Francisco metropolitan area has a bigger share of million-dollar-plus homes than any other area in the country. Within the city itself, more than 63 percent of homes have valuations above a $1 million price tag. That wasn't the case five years ago, however. Real estate website Trulia calculated the value of every home in the city—whether it's been up for sale or not—to determine where the most million-dollar homes sat. According to their figures, more than 80 percent of homes in neighborhoods like Bernal Heights, the Mission, the Central Sunset, and the Outer Richmond are worth at least $1 million. And in Noe Valley, the Central Richmond, and the Inner Sunset more than 90 percent of homes cost at least $1 million.

Bernal Heights has seen the largest increase in share of million-dollar homes within the city over the past five years. In 2010, Bernal accounted for just 1.15 percent of all seven-figure or above houses in the city. Now, it has 4.36 percent of those homes. In the graphic below, it's possible to see the city's outer neighborhoods lighting up with new million-dollar homes over the past few years, a visualization of the San Francisco real estate market catching on fire.

· In the City by the Bay, You'll Pay a Million Bucks for a Home [Trulia]

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