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Victorian Disemboweled by Flippers Takes a Big $700K Chop

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When we first took a look inside the Lower Pacific Heights Victorian at 2385 Bush Street that had been reimagined by flippers, our commenters had a very strong response. The words "criminal," "despicable," and "horrible" were all thrown around, while one commenter compared the new interiors to a loaf of Wonder bread. It seems like potential buyers feel the same way. The house first listed for $3.38 million back in August but just took a huge $700,000 price cut down to $2.68 million.

Before it was modernized, the home was filled with "great original details and fixtures," according to a Redfin agent who toured the property. Now, it has four bedrooms, a flat fireplace, a soaking tub, and an open floor plan. The big price cut won't bring those original features back, but perhaps it will make the prospect of ripping out absolutely everything less attractive to future developers.

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