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A Home Tries Again with Elevator Promise and Funny Photos

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We are all for creative marketing (hey, we just ran a piece about dogs giving a home tour), but there's something about the latest listing pictures for 2764 Greenwich St. in Cow Hollow that make us chuckle. Clearly, models were hired to help make the place appealing. Several of the new pics show the "happy couple" and their "kids" frolicking in the backyard, getting into the BMW in the garage, and even preparing for a bath. The house has been on the market since May (when one of our writers commented on the over-the-top listing language), so they must have thought it was time to try something new.

The other news is that there is now the promise of an elevator for the four-level home. As the listing says: "Over the last few months, permits [have been] acquired and this home is elevator ready." Perhaps that was an issue for prospective clients? It isn't for the models, as they can be seen grilling on the rooftop.

What remains the same is the price: $8.495 million.

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