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A 1 BDRM Condo with a Yard Fit For a Single Family Home

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The listing for 2409 Scott St. #2 calls the one-bedroom condo "exceptional," and they aren't wrong. This 1,135-square-foot space comes with a private yard that many single-family homes would envy.

The yard is paved in flagstones and features a pretty palm tree. It's surrounded by buildings, but that's to be expected in an urban environment.

The inside has nice attributes as well. Condominiums aren't necessarily noted for their architectural detail. This one is the exception with high ceilings, lovely moldings, and a pretty (but nonfunctioning) fireplace.

The place has location in its favor too, positioned just blocks from Fillmore Street and Alta Plaza Park (for those days when a private yard just isn't social enough).

· 2409 Scott St. #2 [Redfin]