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BIG-Designed Market Street Complex Downsizes to 250 Units

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When the new development for 950-974 Market Street was first dreamed up, it was a flashy showstopper with designs from Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a community performing arts center, and hundreds of new housing units and hotel rooms. In February developer Group I dropped the arts center over financing issues and scaled back the development from 200 feet to 120 to fit into current zoning requirements. Now, Handel Architects has taken over the refinement of the designs from BIG and new, scaled-back renderings have been released.

The complex has lost its once-dramatic entrance and dropped down from 310 new residences to just 250. A hotel is still included, and its primary drop-off will be on Turk Street to "encourage guests to explore the Tenderloin neighborhood." Its number of rooms has dipped from 250 to 230. Open spaces are inspired by the Tenderloin National Forest, and a non-profit space on the corner of Turk and Taylor will be provided free of charge to a local organization that "trains and empowers Tenderloin residents." Group I is still aiming to begin construction next year and has a planned completion date in 2018.

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